como ganar dinero haciendo encuestas(non-registered)
como ganar dinero haciendo encuestas
Very nice, thank You.
Denise Strickland(non-registered)
Remember our BSF conversation I'm looking forward to what you will choose for 1st. Tim. 3:16, Ps. 90 and Is. 6
Sarah Shadd(non-registered)
Your stuff is so awesome! Thank you so much for crafting and sharing it with others!
Jose/Radhames/Rasmay Veras(non-registered)
Hi Kimberly,
We are the guys u met in Los Angeles during the bus tour Hop on - Hop off. It was nice meeting u and appreciated seeing ur love for photography. Loved ur picture portfolio. Very impressed.
Jose Veras
Rochester, NY
Shaylee Bell(non-registered)
no sink plungers or egg whisks were hurt in the making if this Dalek.
Nestor Mora(non-registered)
Hi Kimberly! how's it going?? i didn't know you were a worldwide class photographer! Congrats!! Ireland's pics are awesome! already sent you the facebook request. Take care!!

P.D. Remember to look for my country's amazing landscapes and start planning your trip to Venezuela! besides the nature and the friendly people, also remember the petrol deal $5c for a full tank hahahaa.. is crazy right??

Big hugs!
Pat Lonchar(non-registered)
Oh, and amazing pics by the way! Are you doing this full-time now?
Pat Lonchar(non-registered)
Nice pics Kim, you lucky dog! ; ) France & England are on my bucket list! Take care and God Bless!
Great job! You are a talented photographer! Keep up the good work!
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